Knowing in theory and realising are different experiences

A realisation. There is literally no situation in life where being positive is a bad idea. It is never irrational. One should be a realist, one should face facts, but facts are just facts; you can choose to see the universe as a benevolent place wherein you are fit to live, thrive and be happy. And it’s true. Look at what man has achieved. Choose to interpret things in the best light, see opportunity, dont dwell on what cant be changed. I don’t care if you are in a concentration camp. Who do you think survives that sort of thing? Being positive is always the best and most rational choice. In every situation. No exceptions. Awww yis.

Ethics is hard.

I’m a moral nihilist… or maybe a moral egoist or… well maybe I haven’t got a clue. Reading about meta-ethics and ethics is a huge brain scramble. The more you read the more you think you are wrong and get confused. Then you think there are philosophers who spend their lives in universities thinking about these things and they might be wrong and you wonder if you aren’t just stroking your ego thinking you can figure it out. But then again, some of us, can’t just get up in the morning and live out our days without asking, “why?” Maybe we have a psychological disorder or maybe we are a different species or maybe we are just apes that evolved a little too intelligent to deal with the absurdity and pointlessness of it all. Or maybe Ayn Rand was right about EVERYTHING, we are all living in evil error, and we should all try to be John Galt.

A unified Korea might surge.

Wild speculation incoming…. Korea is ridiculously overlooked. Think about the future of South Korea alone as it surges forward… now think about a unified or semi-unified Korea. You’d have 80 million intelligent hardworking Asians. The southern technical and business expertise and capital combined with northern cheap hardworking labour and natural resources could unleash a boom on the penisula. You’d have a surging financially sound economy in Asia with a population size that of Germany perfectly situated to export to China, Japan and the rest of Asia not to mention exports to the West and strong domestic demand. Koreans are intelligent, hard working, highly educated, highly connected and proud. Next boom? - wild speculations are fun.